We Are Born In This World

We are born in this world. We live. We eat. We die

As we grow up we see many things around us,

Rapes. Corruption. Crimes against women. Murder,

Things so wrong, they’ll make you cry

What makes us indifferent to all this misery around us? That we don’t even stop to try?

From two tiny feet to five feet high, we live, we struggle and we fight

To live a life that we don’t decide, rules laid down for every wrong and every right

A for Apple and B for Ball, why do you need to know more,

That’s enough education for you, that’s all!

We see a beggar on the road and we train ourselves to look away,

The hunger in their cries, the desperation in their eyes,

That’s all a part of the evil nexus, we say,

Decency demands we ignore and look away.

After all, there’s someone else to take care of this, isn’t it always?

From admissions to securing a job, from marriage to buying a plot,

All papers and approvals are thanks to babus and their greased palms,

Decency demands we pay taxes on time, yet never question the inefficiency of our regime.

We steal. We bribe. We commit petty crimes,

We calm our guilt. That’s how the world is, we say,

If we have to survive in this world, decency demands we make the wrong into a right, every single time,

Because that’s how the world is after all, isn’t that right?

We love. We lie. We cheat. We cry.

We seek the love of others, but the love of our own self, we deny.

The things that we don’t need, we love them high,

The things that we want and need, we afraid to even try.

We calm our nerves. What will the neighbours say!

They have a stake in our lives after all, isn’t that right?

We work, we work and we keep working till we die.

A beautiful house, a pretty spouse, a fancy car and a little bit of metal which shines,

Isn’t this what everyone likes?

Decency demands we participate in the rat race. Live our life only to exist.

After all, there’s someone else to do all the social good and charity, isn’t it always?

Do you know how many children today have died?

Do you know how women have given up trying to survive?

Do you know in which direction is the next drone about to fly?

Our oceans are rising, every year a little high.

Yet, do you know our source of water is about to be dry?

Climate change is after all, a hippie stoners’ high, isn’t that right?

Decency demands we ignore all this,

Decency demands we accept the wrongs around us, never demand the right.

Society demands decency from us all and decency we give,

No questions asked, delivered by our ignorance, every single time.

Maybe we fail to realize,

Our ignorance is their power.

Maybe we fail to realize,

That we don’t even know, that we don’t know.

Decency demands we detest anarchy. Live our lives. Never demand the right.

Decency demands we live in a routine. Live our lives, simply to exist and die.

A circle of life that ends in the beginning. A circle of life that begins with an end.

After all, we are born in this world. We live. We eat. We die.


Rise like Lions after slumber: In unvanquishable number,

Shake your chains to earth like dew: Which in sleep had fallen on you:

Ye are many — they are few

-Mask of Anarchy, PB Shelley


2 thoughts on “We Are Born In This World

  1. We line, we eat, we smoke, we drink, we die.

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