The Best Time Is Now

I had a tiny voice inside my head, said something which I read long back

The best time to do something is now

So I ask me self, what is it that I want to do right now

Write, You Lazy Ass, said me voice

So here I am, staring at this blank white box

Wishing I could do something more than this vain attempt at poetry

While me voice scoffed, twinkle in her eye, You and poetry, me gonna sit down and watch you try

In defense I say, writing has come a long way, Poems are not just rhyming words these days

Mocks me voice, loud and clear, Yeah Yeah if you say

Fuming, I brush her aside, focus on the subject that got me started in the first place

If the best time to do something is right now, why is it that people shy?

Really, now! says me voice. You ask this, when on countless occasions YOU never took a step ahead in life?

Ok, I get this. I failed. Not once, but quite a number of times

Guess I’m too scared of what would happen next

Guess I’d feel guilty of changing course of this peaceful life, one act, one question at a time.

But then, what if things wouldn’t turn out to be bad, as you think it would, questioned me voice

And I say, Oh jeez, guess you’re right. They may not actually. Never thought like that. In case it does, then?

To that, me voice says, Well, then the best time to solve something gone wrong would be now too, wouldn’t it?

Hmmm, am impressed, I think aloud, happy that I found an answer to question that I wasn’t sure of

Pat comes the reply, Ofcourse you would be, cause am the voice you would never say

Dammit, me voice is more thoughtful than me….sigh!!


One thought on “The Best Time Is Now

  1. adya00 says:

    Love this!
    Esp this line, “Write, You Lazy Ass, said me voice”.

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