Debauchery of Duplicity


There’s a tad too much of duplicity around me, all with complete debauchery…!

How can people be double-faced? That too when they work on the ‘developmental’ side of society?

Hate it when it all boils down to rat-race in developmental sectors. Hate it when one tries to pull someone down in their bid to be proven greater by an equally two-faced bunch of people. Hate it that mankind has come to a level where you dismiss somebody just because that person is of a higher level than you. People wont try to surpass that opponent’s level and become a greater person themselves. They would rather adopt a method neatly explained in a Hindi phrase; ‘Raaste ka kaanta nikalna’ (to remove a thorn in your path). Why has healthy competition vanished from the surface of our planet? Why do people indulge in deceit? Primitive race should have been much better. I assume they well knew the importance of team and how every individual contributes to the larger group, and not one single person commanding the entire group!! I may be wrong with primitive norms of society, but I beg to differ when we call ourselves ‘modern’ while indulging in such stoop behavior of duplicity.

It seems like some are addicted to duplicity. They would indulge in it for no rhyme or reason. Doesn’t their consciousness prick them? When they lie down on their warm beds after a long tiring day of playing two faced characters? Or when they see themselves in the mirror the next day while getting ready for yet another day in debauchery of duplicity….??

And the next track on my playlist shuffles a feeble response to my volcanic thoughts;

‘How many roads must a man walk down

Before we call him a man…..’

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