How To Deal With Rejection

Attempts may fail but never fail to Attempt.


Rejection, or down-right denial of what you feel you deserve is a common part of our lives. Everyone deals with rejection in different aspects of life. Some studies even suggest an average of two rejections a week for a normal human being.

Fortunately, dealing with rejection is quite easy. Here are some simple do-it-yourself tips which can help you deal with rejection.

  1. Dwell on what went wrong and how the situation could have been different
  2. Curse the entire lineage of the person concerned with your rejection.
  3. Sad songs and slow melodies would help in reconfirming your feelings.
  4. Conclude that the world is an absolute cruel place for your holy soul.
  5. Depending upon your preference, some types of alcohol like Old Monk (that Dettol look alike bottle for internal wounds) might help.
  6. Go into hibernation mode, refuse to talk to people as a mark of your protest.
  7. Get irritated and worked up with the slightest of inconvenience.
  8. Scream your lungs out on whoever dares to cross your path.
  9. Scheme how you can screw the happiness of any random person on this planet.
  10. Realize that its just a simple rejection, not the end of the world, and f*cking move on.

My personal favorite is no. 10. You may feel free to try out any of the above mentioned procedures to get over rejections in life.

Since this message is issued in public interest, your inputs are welcome.


Ghost Writer.

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2 thoughts on “How To Deal With Rejection

  1. you should marry an old monk !! 😛

  2. adya00 says:

    Hahahahaha. You have the ability to make the reader laugh.

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