Remembering music legends – Jagjit & Nusrat

Like every other day, I was content listening to the shuffle music list on my mobile phone. The music player churned out the song, ‘Koi Fariyad’  sung by Jagjit Singh in the long forgotten movie Tum Bin (2001).  No doubt I was saddened by the news of his sudden death, the reality of it hit me when Jagjit started singing in his iconic soulful voice through my insignificant earphones.

Though, ardent fans of Jagjit Singh might be spoilt for choice in the crowning of the best song in his singing career, ‘Koi Fariyad’ tops my list. Ghazals, are best understood in the language they are originally composed, though I found one nice attempt at English translation of the lyric. Read it here

I don’t wish to comment on how wonderful he was as a person, or how good he was to so and so. That’s for people who really knew him to comment on. I, like any other common man, identified him by his voice, and not his personality. His voice was what set him apart from other singers in that genre, for his voice had the immense ability to touch you in the heart and make you feel emotional.

Talking about soulful voice, today marks the 63rd birth anniversary of yet another legendary singer, Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. I feel daunted on the prospect of having to write a mere four lines on this legendary qawwali singer, least I commit the crime of doing injustice on his life, work and most importantly, his music.

Miss Malini has posted some of his best works (videos) on her website, read here

The world would have been a different place to live in, had Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan wouldn’t have gone on his heavenly abode to please God’s ears. The world been have been a better place if we would have been blessed enough to hear yet another soulful piece by Jagjit Singh.

R.I.P Jagjit Singh. We miss you a lot Ustad Nusrat.

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