My love for Grammar

It’s funny and surprising how things which we don’t like have a knack of coming back to us.

My recent  tryst with grammar has stirred the poet (if I may so) inside me, something I had until now presumed to be non-existent.

Here’s my short poem;

The valiant knight proclaims with great gloom,

‘Enigmatic though the language may be, Grammar proves to be a source of great distress.’

To which I could only profess,

‘My dear, the sufferings are world wide, I presume…!’

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2 thoughts on “My love for Grammar

  1. Not bad !!
    (for someone who says she have a bad grammar.)

  2. arinbis says:

    Real good one since I too feel the pain, which just gave birth to this – “Oh Grammar, my Grammar/ many a times your presence makes me stammer/ I wish I was a rock band drummer/ Then I could have given a damn about you and still walk away feeling taller..oh Grammar, my dear Grammar!” LOL

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